How to do Accents

American Accents

Voice over artists are often asked how they learn different accentsĀ and switch so quickly between them. It comes down to having a good ear for sound, so generally speaking you don’t need to consciously try hard to speak in a particular accent, but it does take practice. In most cases you just remind yourself how…

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The Voice Of Your Business

The Voice of Your Business

It’s 2015. Do you spend your day wondering how to improve your web presence? What if it had a voice, what would it sound like? is a professional voice over artist that can help. Check out her advert:

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Paul Strikwerda, the wonderful Nethervoice

I recently enteredĀ a picture competition ran by Paul Strikwerda also known as NethervoiceĀ for theĀ launch of his awesome new book “Making money in your PJs“. If you haven’t read this book and you’re any kind of a solopreneur, you need to! Continuing my winning streak, I landedĀ an interview by the great man himself which went out…

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