Festive Theatrical Shenanigans!!!

Super chuffed to say I play The Narrator “Chaz” in “A Christmas Carol (But not as you know it!)” which goes live at 10am on Christmas Eve!

She’s a triple ‘ard Cockney Gal so no messin’ right! 🥊 🥊🥊  And what a pleasure to play because in real life i’m a Squirrel Scout leader that encourages inside voices and using only lovely words  🐿   Thanks so much for the meaty casting Rachel 🙏🙏🙏

Pretty lovely to have ‘me mucka’ Lee Beddow alongside me as Daz too, we got in a right ol’ punch up at the studio  🥊🥊🥊

This production by Theatrical Shenanigans has been the biggest piece by far, with EIGHTEEN cast members making up the voices of this twist on the Dickens classic! It’s original writing by the glorious Rachel Feeny-Williams who not only writes it but then organises us thespians (I speak for myself when I say my thesp’ brain is chaos) AND then she completes the audio and plants it in wonderful places 🙌

Several of the lovely performers have appeared on Theatrical Shenanigans before and you can find their previous performances here – https://theatricalshenanigans.podbean.com/

I was lucky enough to be The “Agent” in “Stork Patrol” by Debra Cole, where voting has consequences and in this new world, The Stork Patrol holds voters responsible for their beliefs and values. It’s incredibly clever and awesome and joy in the ears which you can play if you press 👇👇 👇




Here is a super duper trailer made by Peter Bourne for “A Christmas Carol (But not as you know it!)” to whet your appetites before Christmas Eve. Don’t forget to tune in https://theatricalshenanigans.podbean.com/  because as I say, Chaz is triple ‘ard mate and I dunno what she’s capable of 🤭