Theatre Anonymous, 14/48 A Christmas Carol 🎭

Now the curtain call is done and the cast list has been released I can finally tell you that I’ve been keeping a lovely secret 🤐

I had the honour of playing ‘The Ghost of Christmas Present’ in A Christmas Carol adapted by the ‘all round genius’ Kirsty Mealing for Theatre Anonymous 14/48  👻 🎁

What is Theatre Anonymous I hear you cry? Well, the entire cast take an oath of secrecy where we swear on Thespis not to tell anyone we are in it 🤫

We then rehearse one on one with the director and don’t know who the rest of the cast are 🤷‍♀️

The audience are encouraged to ‘dress to confuse’ and with everyone dressed up as characters we start the play by wishing our fellow audience members to break a leg 🎭

My Mum sat next to me was truly terrified she had to do a part she didn’t know about 🤣

When our first line arrives, we stand up and take the stage finally revealing our character to our fellow cast mates.

I was lucky enough to watch the scene at the Fezziwig party from the audience and was ASTOUNDED that the cast pulled off a choreographed ensemble dance which they had never been able to rehearse together! It was incredible!! That alone was a huge testament to Bob Christer for the amount of hours he has put in directing us all one on one and I know he’s toured the Midlands helping meet us to rehearse either at Wolverhampton or Leicester, also no mean feat!

His casting as well was out of this world, all my fellow players were exceptional in their parts and watching the paramount character arc of Scrooge, by Tonia Daley-Campbell was simply stunning 🤩

Some of us knew each other from previous 14/48 projects but I hadn’t worked or met with most before and despite that – the connections, chemistry and relationships on stage were instant. It was such a unique experience i’m so grateful for 🙌

14/48 is like a family to me and I encourage everyone to join us in the future, in whatever capacity you wish – acting, band, directing, set design, writing, liaising, or simply come and sit in the audience because The 14/48 projects rock 🥰  🎭

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Cast list and photo of the merry crew below 😍