Going Green

Tonight i’m performing with Opus Theatre Company in “Going Green” written by David Tristram. The story centres on Green party politician John Brown (Alan Birch). Brown is a man with a vision and charisma who- having been hit by an illness, decides to quit politics for good but not before giving a blistering farewell speech at the annual conference. Tristram describes it as “a tragi-comedy with an extra ordinary and surreal twist, which gives a whole new meaning to the concept of colour prejudice”. “Going Green” has been directed by the founder of Opus, Gerry Hinks, who also plays the part of Brian. Also starring Alison Joynes, Tanya Fellows, Tom Roberts and myself as John Brown’s not so lovely girlfriend! You’ll find us tonight in Stourbridge and here is a list of further tour dates! Come and join the green party!!

Here's us rehearsing with our lovely one eyed friend Franky!

Alan Birch and myself had a few pointers from our one eyed friend Franky during the rehearsal process.

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