Currently playing in “Consent” by Nina Raine, The Crescent Theatre, Birmingham

🎭 🎭 As many of you will know, the funding for the arts in Birmingham has been cut drastically. So if you can support any of us creatives, in any way, shape or form, at any time, then that would be simply marvellous and incredibly appreciated!  🙌🙌

…..And here like magic appeareth a chance because I’m in a play at The Crescent Theatre, Birmingham!!! 🎭 🎭 

“Consent” by Nina Raine is a modern classic full of fierce moral intelligence that stimulates debate rather than stifling it. It’s powerful, painful and funny while sifting evidence from every side and Justice herself is put in the dock.

I’ve been cast as Rachel, a barrister (yes……I was quite shocked to be perceived as that intelligent too 🤪)

So why don’t you come and see it? Or make other people come and see it? Or go crazy and do both?

The run is from 8th – 15th June and tickets are available here 👇

Event Details – Crescent Theatre 

Here is a cheeky trailer to whet your appetite too   🤭🤭